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TALO is a wholesale buying cooperative serving the independent sporting goods dealer since 1965. TALO products can be ordered through your local dealer.
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Ruger USA Shooting Team TD 10/22 rifle

One of 5000
Part # 11117
Special Serial numbers GOLD-0001 GOLD-5000
Suggested Retail $399. Available at your local dealer.
$20 per rifle goes to the USA Shooting Team! top

The Cattle Drive 10/22

TALO hired a wood cut artist to draw the American Cattle Drive experience on a classic American walnut stock. That drawing was then precision lasered into the stock. We believe that this level of embellishment is unique in the firearms business today and is a worthy tribute to the early cowboy. The Ruger 10/22 is by far the most popular .22 rifle in the world, for good reason.

This limited edition will be a reasonably priced, functional reminder of the Cowboy experience. No more than 3300 units will be made. Collector’s can purchase this rifle, part #11103 from their local dealer.

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The Colt DRE

The second in the Colt Modern Engraver series.
• Part # O1070DRE
• Stainless
• Series 70 .45 Government.
Engraving design by David Riccardo. One of 400. Beginning May 2012. Suggested Retail $1849. Starting in June 2012 top

The Henry Sierra

An elegantly embellished Henry Golden Boy in Silver to recreate the opulance of the late 1870’s. One of 1000 Beginning June 2012 top

North American Arms Blackjack II

• 1 5/8 inch ported
• special grips & serial numbers
One of 1200. Suggested Retail $279. Starting June 2012 top

S&W EXO M&P 9mm & .40 | The Power of Nickel Boron.

Part # 151151
• 9mm & .40
• Being made every month beginning Nov 2011 top