About TALO

TALO is a wholesale buying cooperative that was started in 1965 by fishing and hunting wholesalers in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma. TALO commissions limited editions of firearms from Colt, Glock, Ruger, and North American Arms, Mossberg, Sig Arms, Walther and distributes them to stocking sporting goods dealers across the US.  Collectors should contact their local dealer and ask them to order a special edition from a TALO wholesaler.

TALO turns 50 in 2015

Since 1965 TALO has serviced the dealers though out the US with special programs and closeout buys and
in recent years, specially designed firearms and accessories.   TALO commissioned some private label Savage Rifles and Mossberg pump shotguns in the early years Beginning in 1997, TALO embellished Colt 1911’s and Walther PPKS’s that were popular. We like to think the design and popularity has grown since then. Currently there is a fairly large collection of both short and long editions of modern firearms.  The scale and popularity of TALO editions changed in 2006 with the Ruger John Wayne Vaquero.  The first edition of 3500 units was featured as an American Rifleman’s Magazine editor’s pick. TALO’s phone rang off the hook.  There are many stories behind the editions. We should tell some of them here, like how the Wiley Clapp Commander came about, or why a Emiliano Zapata .38 Super.   In the end, we are very proud that collectors have enjoyed our products.  We know we need to get better at communicating what we are producing and how to buy them. We promise to keep working on these issues. TALO wholesalers, dealers and collectors have allowed us to raise money for many important groups like USA Shooting Team,
Semper Fi Fund, Navy Seal Foundation, MARSOC...

 Many people contribute to our success. TALO is the sum of its wholesale members. We get our ideas from our experienced wholesale salespeople and buyers.