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Smith and Wesson collection
  The J, L & N Frame Deluxe Series
Model M&P15
Model M&P15-22
Model 29 Mountain Gun
Model 60 Unfluted LDV
.44 Military Model of 1950
Carbon Fiber 22A Special Edition

Whitetail Hunter II Special Edition
Model 629
Smith & Wesson Factory Engraved
.500 Revolver

Smith & Wesson Bulldog .357
Smith & Wesson Factory Engraved
4 inch Model .500

Smith & Wesson Model 36 and 640 Gold
Smith & Wesson Models 686 & 640 AO Sight

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Deluxe Series II - Beginning Oct 2010 - not limited quantity, no special serial numbers.
S&W 22A Deluxe

A new look, steel trigger, thumbrest grips, improved sights. a real value. Due out in March 2011.

The J, L & N Frame Deluxe Series

TALO commissioned 7 models of revolvers with special fancy wood grips.

Model 642
Model 686 6 inch
Model 629 3 inch (combat grip)
Model629 6 inch


Model 686 3 inch (combat grip)

Produced beginning 7/2009.
Quantity not limited.


Model M&P15R

TALO Commissioned S&W to produce their M&P rifle in this surplus cartridge ongoing production. Complete rifles & uppers only.


TALO M&P 15-22 with magpul sights

Model 29 mountain gun 1 of 1000

Reissue of the model 29 .44 magnum Mountain gun with a new twist. 4 inch tapered barrel, drilled & tapped, 2 sets of grips, one rubber and the other a custom hardwood, specially stippled and marked “mountain”.

Possibly the last of the mountain gun series and certainly a great deal on a distinctive blue model 29. As of April 2007 some inventory available at TALO wholesalers

One of 1000
Part # 163604


Model 60 unfluted ldv  

Model 60 .357 magnum 2 1/8 inch stainless revolver with unfluted cylinder and special serial number range LDV001-LDV500. This gun was inspired by the intimidating handgun in the movie Da Vinci Code. (hense the serial number prefix) It is rare to have such a popularly priced limited edition, Functional & distinctive.

Limited availability as of April 2007 at TALO wholesalers.

Part # 150157
One of 500



Shipments begin July 2006


.44 Military model of 1950  

An extremely rare, S&W Custom Shop produced, high polished, nickel plated .44 Special revolver that evokes the spirit and feel of the elegant 50’s era pistols. This early N frame recreation is matched with historically appropriate rosewood grip featuring an intricate checkering pattern and an antique S&W medallion. Today, the cost of professional metal polishing normally prohibits the use of a bright nickel finish yet this .44 Military limited edition remains a remarkable value.



Carbon fiber 22a special edition
Roughly 200 of these hunting handguns were produced for TALO S&W wholesalers. Most were available with a specially priced B-Square scope base. Great looking buck on the side plate.
  • Special and unique serial number range
  • Special factory label

This limited edition factory special is designed to offer the shooter/collector outstanding value.Ê Available now at S&W stocking dealers through TALO Wholesalers nationwide. A TALO Exclusive.

Shipping August 2005

One of 1500
Suggested retail $289.95


whitetail hunter II Special Edition Model 629
Roughly 200 of these hunting handguns were produced for TALO S&W wholesalers. Most were available with a specially priced B-Square scope base. Great looking buck on the side plate.

Model 629 .44 Magnum Classic #163638

  • 6 inch
  • Custom engraved
  • Whitetail side plate
  • Full-sized

Smith & Wessn 500 Revolver Factory Engraved
  • Part # 149696 8 3/8 inch High Bright Polished Stainless Steel
  • Factory Hand Engraved with Custom certificate
  • Hardwood Presentation Case
  • Three hole trigger
  • Special serial number range

Suggested Retail $1949.00, an absolute hand engraved bargin!


Smith & wesson bulldog .357


  • Extremely limited edition created for Dixie Shooters Supply, in Bulldog country.
  • 4 inch stainless 686 .357 revolver.
  • 6 shot
  • A Very Bad Dog etched on the side plate
  • Very nice laminate polished wood grips

Smith & Wesson Factory Engraved 4 inch Model .500

Due to begin to ship in January. This offering is a remarkable value considering the hand polish work and hand engraving. A TALO exclusive. We will upgrade the photo asap!

  • One of Two Hundred
  • Special serial number range 000-200
  • High polished stainless steel
  • Factory hand engraved with roughly C+ type coverage
  • Factory signed letter of authenticity
  • Embossed hardwood presentation case

Smith & Wesson Model 36 and 640 Gold

These were factory revolvers with gold (titanium nitride) hammer, cylinder thumb piece, ejector rod and trigger.

  • Produced for TALO in 2001
  • Rosewood finger groove laminate boot grips
  • Approximately 300 made of each

Part # 161491
Model 36 .38 Special Polished Blue Carbon Suggested Retail $ 579.00

Part # 163699
Model 640 .357 Satin Stainless $ 599.00


Smith & Wesson Models 686 & 640 AO Sight

In early 2002 TALO produced a limited version of both the 686 and 640 with a factory installed AO Sight Systems big dot tritium front sight and standard rubber factory grips (grip photo wrong).
Approximately 250 of each were made

Part #164296 686 4 in SS .357 with AO Big Dot night front sight.

Part # 163700 640 2 1/8 inch .357 SS with AO Big Dot front sight