December News

Many good things in the works at the moment.   We ended the production on the Ruger Tiger 10/22.  I believe the total production was around 5000.   There are still a few at wholesale so they can be ordered for a week or so.  There is a very fancy Super Blackhawk in the works. 

 Colt Engraver series Nimschke O1070A1LDN   One of 300  -  starts in 10 days

Colt Engraver series Nimschke O1070A1LDN   One of 300  -  starts in 10 days


I believe the first 10 or so Derringers will ship this week.

Sneak peak at another interesting Colt made with the very last XSE models shipped from the factory.  No further details but you saw it here first

Colt Cattle Brand

Eli Whitney

Short Spur Vaquero

There has been some problems with the grips on the latest Vaquero.  The frame was changed, the grip drawing ( spec's) needed to be changed. somehow, it took a heck of a lot longer than we planned. Hopefully, in July.


The Navy Seals Museum Ruger ( 200) started out as a quick project to raise $10k for the museum. We kept adding and changing and it looks like it will raise more than $30k.   The moral to the story is that there is not such thing as a quick project.   We are sorry we only did 200.



There is a new Colt 38 Super in the works.  This week?  MHE.  

There is a Texas Long Horn edition pretty close to being ready.

A Day in May

If you work full time trying to push along your new projects and mind what the old ones are doing there isn't much time to write about them.  If we were better administrators maybe we'd have more time.  The fact is that TALO is a pretty tight ship. For the collectors, this means that ultimately, the special editions get to the dealers at a price that is well below what they would be if the whole project was managed by the factories. That doesn't mean that the factories don't do a good job. They have a corporate overhead that has to be applied to everything. Usually they don't have specialists interested in making things a little different, instead there is a incentive to make things similar and simpler.  We could not exist without the manufactures help. Some are more flexible than others.  We really appreciate those that want to work with us. No need to name names.  TALO believes our job is to add value.  It's not enough to make things different. It is our hope that the TALO projects will be interesting , fun and a good store for the collectors money.  We won't make something that we wouldn't own ourselves. Time will be the ultimate judge of how well we have done our job. All the people involved with TALO Distributors,our independent dealers,  the administrators, office folks, salespeople, warehouse workers appreciate the support we have received over the past 50 years. ( nearly 20 years on this watch) , We will continue to try and earn your trust.