Mossberg - US Service Model 590A1 Shotgun

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Mossberg - US Service Model 590A1 Shotgun


Developed & currently deployed by US Armed Forces all over the world! !

Mossberg was the only manufacturer to meet & exceed military requirements for quality,

endurance and accuracy!! !!9 shot,12ga. 20 inch Parkerized Heavy-Walled Barrel, metal trigger guard!

Black Synthetic Stock, Magazine clean out tube, bayonet lug!

Marked M590A1 U.S, Service Model plus Special USSM serial number! !

Part # 50676 Suggested Retail $589. at your local stocking dealers! !!

The 590A1 was first introduced at the U.S. Navy’s request, The gun

passed a 3,000-round endurance test with buckshot and slugs. It was the

only gun tested that passed. Sand emersion, saltwater fogging and

interchangeability tests were also part of the procedure.


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