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Colt Presents:  
  09840T CCO
TALO New Agents XS
Colt TLC

Wiley Clapp Commander .45
1912-2012 Model 38
P1750 .44 spec SAA
TALO Colts for 2011
Wiley Clapp Commander .45
National Match RSG
Commander .45 by Wiley Clapp
Colt O1970MA WWll
1970 MA Variation 1
Colt Night Defender .45
Colt La Patria .38 Super
Colt Ghost Commander .45
Colt Night Commander .45
Royal Combat Commander
Royal National Match .45
Colt Emiliano Zapata–
Stainless .38 Super

Colt Day of the Dead
Colt Sterling .45
The Colt .45 Sovereign 1 of 300
Colt El Grito .38 Super
Colt American Eagle
Colt Emiliano Zapata
Colt Diamond Grade Colt Peacemaker
Colt Supreme Commander
Colt Don Benito Juarez
1991Z Colt Limited Edition Tiger
Colt Single Action Army – Prospector Edition
Colt Presidential Edition .45
Colt Premier Edition Classic II .45
Colt Limited Edition .45
Colt Silver Dragon

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O9840T CCO
Commander slide
Officer’s frame
special serial #
special grips

1000 produced through Oct 2011.


TALO New Agents XS
.45 New Agent with XS Sights
cool grips
special serial #
500 units

.9mm New Agent with XS Sights
cool grips
special serial #
500 units
Produced Feb-July 2011


Colt TLC
Limited edition
Colt Tactical Light Carbine (TLC)
One of 1250.
Magpul furniture To be produced Jan-March 2012.


O4840WC Wiley Clapp Commander .45
Production totaled 1380 through 10/2011 to continues in 2012.

The gun is very popular with serious shooters.

Great articles in Amer. Rifleman, Shooting Illustrated, Soldier of Fortune.

TALO will produce a full size 1970 WC in 2012, as well as 2 Ruger GPʼs to Wileyʼs specs.


1912-2012 Model 38
One of a kind, beautiful restoration by Colt Custom Shop of the original model Colt revolver used to win the 1912 Olympics. Shown at Colt Booth 2011 NRA, to be auctioned in 2012 to benefit USA Shooting. Grips restored by Turnbull.

Produced Oct 2011.
300 Units with this insert

The 2011 Mystery Gun was the Colt 01970A1RKE



05072XT Gold Cup 9mm - this gun was not built due to engineering time issues. Maybe next year.

P1750 .44 spec SAA
Wiley Clapp wanted to make a limited edition SAA in .44 Spec
unusual 6 1/2 in bbl
unusual historic roll mark
special WCP001-200 serial numbers
very cool fitted rosewood grips
one of 200 -

produced Feb 2011


O4840WC Wiley Clapp Commander .45 - update
The 2011 SHOT Show Wiley Clapp Commander,
Serial #500 brought $7000 in a gunbroker.com auction to benefit USA Shooting Team.
Customized by Master Metal-Smith Pete Single

National Match RSG
One of 400

Based on the retro Blue National Match, display case not included Shipments start June 2010



The New Commander .45 design by Wiley Clapp
We showed it at SHOT show 2010 in the Colt booth with Wiley answering questions for 4 days. Quantities are not yet limited. First production April 2010 Suggested Retail $1379
  • Series '70 style action with no firing pin safety and improved trigger pull
  • Alloy receiver for a light pistol that carries easy
  • Original style small safety, slide lock and magazine catch, no extensions
  • Front & rear slide serrations
  • Long black trigger, flat S&A mainspring housing
  • Colt's new beavertail grip safety for comfort in long shooting sessions
  • Special Novak sights – extra-wide notch and bead front for any-light shooting
  • Tactical Oval grips with forward taper and fingerprint checkering
  • Pete Single 25 lpi checkering on the pistol's front-strap
  • Special factory serial number run

Part# 04840WC


Colt O1970MA WWII
A Colt factory direct limited edition WWII, Korea, and Vietnam design
  • True 70 series firing system
  • 1911A1 Colt factory roll mark
  • original style sights
  • wide spur hammer
  • arched seriated mainspring housing with lanyard loop
  • special serial number range
  • factory double diamond cocobolo grips
  • Descriptive card
  • Colt Custom Shop Box
    (discontinued after 1st 200)

Model O1970A1MA
(a total of 550 will be made)
First batch of 200 issued May 2009.
(see Var.1)

1970MA Variation 1
(same features except for Colt factory grip change and standard Colt factory box) Colt changed their policy on Custom Shop boxes about August of 2009.

Model O1970A1MA
(a total of 550 will be made)
First batch of 200 issued May 2009.

Colt Night Defender .45
Lightweight, powerful .45 with special features:

  • Tritium night front sight
  • Two-tone look, carbon slide, carbon slide stop, carbon safety
  • Night Defender factory roll mark
  • Special serial number range beginning NFD-001
  • Uniquely checkered hardwood grips with Serpentine Colt logo
  • Custom Shop Box
(The first 400 were issued in a Custom Shop box, then Colt factory box for the following 400) Shipped May-July 2009 800 units made through 11/2009. We had a factory price increase between the first & second editions A few more are planned as well as a Midnight Defender variation. We did not limit the production (yet) Last suggested retail was aprox. $1100.

Part # O7000NDF
Good article in Feb 2009 Combat Handguns by Charlie Cutshaw

Colt La Patria .38 Super
Colt has not produced the Gold Cup in .38 Super in over 20 years. This model has factory gold plated barrel bushing, hammer and strut. Uses old style factory roll marks, a spur hammer and matching safety. The flat areas of both the stainless steel slide and frame are high polished. The magazine release, slide stop and safety are also high polished.

  • Factory issued serial numbers NMS-001 through 400
  • The slide is embellished in 24 kt. gold with symbols of Ancient Mexico, the Rampant Colt logo, La Patria under the polished ejection port and Vicente Guerrero’s name and time in history
  • The grip panels are uniquely checked hardwood
  • The firearms are packaged in Colt Custom Shop boxes and include a deluxe, inscribed display case which features an 1800’s map of La Patria inside the lid.
Part # O5038NMS
Produced Feb-April 2009 400 units.
(sold out)

Colt Ghost Commander .45
Law Enforcement and Self Defense users need a rugged, clear view and lightening fast target acquisition along with superior accuracy. Novak’s Ghost rear and bright green fiber optic front sight provide the answer.

  • One of 400
  • Colt Colt’s factory installed Novak designed sight system
  • Special Factory Serial Number NCC001-NCC400
  • Special Black Diamond-wood Grips with Serpentine Colt logo.Shipped November- December 2010 ( sold out)
  • Suggested Retail $1200

Model O4860XSENCC
Stainless .45 ACP , 4 3/4 barrel

Colt Night Commander .45
  • Novak wide rear, and front night sight
  • Special Serial Number HCC001-HCC-750
  • Unique checkered Colt logo grips

    200 units shipped January 2010. We plan to produce 750 or so.

Royal Combat Commander .45 1 of 400
The Royal Combat Commander features a deep Royal Blue finish. Extra features include an extended Colt single sided tactical safety, 3 hole aluminum trigger, checkered mainspring housing, two tone jeweled hammer and grip safety, gold cup front strap serrations, gold cup barrel, combat commander roll-mark, factory RCC serial numbers, custom shop packaging. Also features a unique insert and label and a Custom fitted hardwood display box. Grips are unique high polished dark burl with serpentine Colt logo and stainless hex screws.
Part # O4691RCC
Produced beginning 12-08

Royal National Match .45
A beautifully enhanced Royal Blue Gold Cup combining modern features and
retro design

The first Royal Blue slide & receiver National Match .45 in many years. The NMR limited edition features a 70’s style old style grip safety and spur hammer of the classic National Match. Inscribed with the original Colt factory National Match roll mark and a gold filled Gold Cup logo. Adjustable Black Trigger and adjustable Gold Cup rear sights. Bright polished barrel. Unique classic maple burl grips Special Serial Number NMR001-NMR300 Bonus wood display case with drawer Custom shop box and label & insert.

One of 300


Click here to see the Colt Royal Match
bonus wood display case.

Click here to see the Colt Royal Match

Colt Emiliano Zapata Stainless .38 Super
The Colt Emiliano Zapata is a full size government model O2991 .38 Super with contrasting high polished stainless steel flat slide panels embellished in 24 kt. gold with Emiliano Zapata related designs. The hammer, strut, barrel bushing, magazine release are factory gold plated. The grip pannels are fancy burl maple with the Serpentine Colt insignia and gold hex grip screws. The barrel port is high polished. Each gun features a unique factory serial number EZS001-200. The juxtaposition of the high polished and brushed stainless with the gold accents and burl combine to create an elegant firearm.

We changed the design from the Blue version of this very popular Zapata tribute

One of 200
Shipped Aug 2008

Click here to see the Colt Emiliano Zapata
Stainless .38 Super ad

Colt Day of the Dead  
A very unusual Colt pistol inspired by Mexican folk art to celebrate a national holiday whose origin dates back over 2000 years. Colt’s model O2991, in .38 Super caliber, features a high polished, blue, full sized 5 inch, slide that has been silver etched with traditional Mexican folk art designs and symbols as well as the rampant Colt. The frame is carbon steel. The barrel bushing and hammer are silver plated by Colt. A polished barrel shows through the ejection port. The Pearlite grips feature Colt Medallions and silver hex screws.

One of 200
(shipped May 2008)


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Colt sterling .45  
An exhibit quality, full sized government XSE model blue .45.                   
The blue slide is selectively bright polished and engraved with a classic American scroll pattern and is further distinguished by a fine bright silver outline, along with a silver Rampant Colt and Colt’s Serpentine logo. The frame employs all of the XSE model features.The Sterling barrel bushing and hammer are Colt factory nickel.
Grips are unique to this edition, intricately checked hard wood with stainless hex screws.
Special serial numbers TDI001-TDI300 (300 produced).
Custom Shop box with special insert and label.

(shipped Jan 2008)

Colt .45 Sovereign 1 of 300  

A distinguished full sized .45 Colt XSE series pistol. Bright blue polished slide with an alternating deep blue and gold diamond pattern, outlined in 24kt gold.
The slide displays the Colt Serpentine logo embedded in gold in the design.
Special serial numbers DMB001-DMB300.
Unusual, fancy walnut grips with rampant colt and a checkering pattern that reflects the slide embellishment.
Gold hex grip screws, Colt Custom Shop box.
Special label & descriptive insert.

CLTO1980DMB    Produced  Sept 2007

Colt El Grito .38 Super  
The Cry of Independence 1 of 300
  • Colt O2091MHC Stainless .38 Super Government
  • Gold barrel bushing, hammer, magazine release, grip screws
  • Deeply etched, polished slide with 24kt gold symbols of Mexican Independence Day , September 16th ,1810
  • Jeweled barrel
  • Uniquely checkered hardwood grips with Mexican Flag
  • Special serial numbers
    MHC 001- MHC 300
  • Special insert & label

Colt American Eagle  
  • Colt P1840 .45LC 4 ¾ inch
  • Two 22 gauge solid 24kt gold wire cylinder band inlays with Eagle feather gold plate designs between them.
  • American Eagle embellished hammer.
  • American Eagle text in 24kt gold on barrel.
  • Gold plated frame screws.
  • Descriptive insert & label.
  • First 25 units produced in June 2007.

Colt emiliano zapata  

colt diamond grade .45  

Colt peacemaker  

Colt supreme commander  
  • Stainless steel commander sized slide and frame with white dot carry sights
  • Serial numbers US06-001 through US06-Scroll engraving pattern with a "Supreme Commander" banner on the left side
  • Right rear panel features a rampant Colt neatly concealed in the scrollwork
  • A majestic Rampant Colt etched in 24 kt. gold adorns the top of the slide
  • The limited edition grips are finely checkered double diamond hardwood with a distinct presidential seal and stainless hex head screws.
  • Descriptive box insert and label

Colt Don Benito Juarez  
  • Stainless .38 Super Government Limited Edition Colt Model O2091
  • Specially Serialized DBJ001-DBJ100
  • The slide is embellished using a multi-tone deep etch with selective 24 kt gold featuring a pattern of traditionalMexican scrollwork
  • Embedded in each slide are two aquamarine birth stones
  • The slide depicts the Benito Juarez monument in Mexico City, a Lion emblem commonly associated with Juarez and a scroll with the Spanish phrase, "El derecho alrespecto ajeno es las paz" - Respect of Others is Peace
  • Unique hardwood double diamond Mexican heritage grips
  • Descriptive box insert and label

1991Z Colt Limited
Edition Tiger
  • Blue full-sized government frame .45 1991Z
  • Custom shop box
  • Jungle Tiger etched on both sides of slide with serpentine Colt logo
  • Fancy zebra wood double diamond with Colt medallion grips
  • Three hole trigger
  • Arched main spring housing
  • Descriptive box insert and label

Colt Single Action Army — Prospector Edition  
  • CLTP1840S: 4 3/4" Blue Color Case .45 Colt caliber
  • Cylinder Inlaid with tow Solid Gold 26 gauge Wire Bands in a chain patter (over 12 inches of solid gold wire)
  • Prospector etched on the barrel, and three gold frame screws
  • Special Label and insert card

Colt Premier Edition Classic II .45  
Part # CltO1985XSEP1 .45 Two Tone Classic Engraved Slide (One of 200)
  • CLT O1980 XSE blue frame with all standard features featuring a stainless slide with flat surfaces polished
  • Special Serial numbers PRM001- PRM200
  • Classic Sculpted Engraving process replicating a master engraver's interpretation of the very early 1850's style engraving of Gustave Young (creator of some of the most deluxe and exclusive engraved guns) The gold icons are reminiscent of those used on period guns given to heads of state
  • Unique black double diamond grips with silver colt medallions
  • At a remarkable price for this level of embellishment

The Colt Presidential Edition .45  
One of 100 - An exhibit quality presentation pistol
Produced March 2005
Part # O1980XSEB
  • High Polish Deep Blue Slide on an enhanced finished blue XSE receiver
  • Special Serial Number - XSEB001-XSEB100
  • The high polished deep blue slide is elaborately etched on all sides and top in 24 kt. gold in a classic engraving pattern highlighted by a beautiful gold rampant colt curving over the rounded top of the deep blue slide. The receiver flats are high polished blue
  • Exhibition grade walnut double diamond grips precisely checkered in a Victorian era pattern.
  • This pistol includes all other current COLT XSE features

Colt Limited Edition .45  
In December 1775, Ben Franklin writing anonymously to the Pennsylvania Journal:

"I observed on one of the drums belonging to the marines now raising, there was painted a Rattle-Snake, with this modest motto under it, 'Don't tread on me.' As I know it is the custom to have some device on the arms of every country, I supposed this may have been intended for the arms of America."

The rattlesnake also has sharp eyes, and "may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance." Furthermore, "She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. ... she never wounds 'till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her."

More recently, the Secretary of the Navy has authorized the use of this "Don't Tread on Me" flag on Navy ships as a reminder of our country’s commitment to combat international terrorism.
  • One of Two Hundred Special Edition Colt .45 Model O1980 Pistols
  • Stainless Steel Slide with a 14 ct gold fanged American Rattlesnake and DonÕt Tread on Me emblazoned on the side along with a rampant colt
  • Blue receiver with all the premium features of ColtÕs O1980 model
  • Special serial numbered 1-200
  • Exclusive snake scaled custom hardwood grips

Colt Silver Dragon  
One of 200
  • Using the dramatic multi-tone, gold, copper, nickel etching of the Baron inspired Dragon draped over the barrel of a bright stainless 1070 Stainless steel slide on a XSE frame.
  • Special Serial number run SDG001-200
  • Special Scaled hardwood grips
  • Shipped July 2004